Scrivere il futuro

We’re writing the future.

The most impressive innovations are often obtained by declining a technology in a different context than the original one. Think about the Bluetooth: it was born for data exchange, it grew for coupling devices.

Our points of strength are scouting and continuous experimentation of frontier technologies, together with the ability to supply the customer not with prepacked answers, but with new and unforeseen questions, which are always precursors of innovative solutions.

Weave supports customers in their strategic decisions, giving them digital consultancy, as well as a quick and effective development ability.

Organization is innovation


We work through micro-teams, which are scalable when needed, to guarantee a high
responsiveness to the customer. The development processes are SCRUM-oriented, therefore we can keep our customers aligned on criticalities and progresses.


How do we guarantee our customers responsiveness and flexibility in terms of resources employed in a project? Simple: through our Academy, where young talented people learn to work on community addressed projects, following Weave’s standards.


For a whole day each week, Weave’s resources can commit to personal projects, as long as
they are highly innovative. We periodically organize hackatons, where the best projects are rewarded.

Advisoring and Consulting

We support companies in choosing the technological and organizational solutions that are closer to their current and future needs

Mobile Development

We develop apps, without metaframework, for Android, Windows and iOS, to reach the<br /> maximum in terms of performance and stability

Web Development

We realize web-based systems, multi-platform and adaptable to any device format

System Integration

We integrate different informative systems through the development of add-ins or<br /> middleware layers

SW Architecture Design

We design the software architecture needed to implement the customer’s requests without compromising the existing systems

HW Prototyping

We build IoT prototypes starting from the most spread development and production kits of custom electronics

Office Innovation

Our smartphones are full with applications that respond to several diverse necessities: the flashlight, the shopping list, carillons, videogames and so on.

Big companies have not embraced this logic yet, as they are still tied to the scheme of a monolithic business portal.

Weave helps its customers to realize business app to automatize business processes in an innovative way, avoiding redundancies and favoring integration and communication between systems.

Business Gamification

Business Gamification

We leave behind the endless training sessions based on powerpoint slides and exercises on complicated excel sheets.

Weave designs and realizes business videogames composed by web, mobile and IoT solutions, with the aim of making the training experience more effective and fun. A detailed reporting system is always included in this solution, to help the trainer managing the sessions.

IoT Boosting

In the future, the #InternetOfThings revolution will completely change the IT market. Today, Weave helps its customers to get the best out of the industrial revolution 4.0 producing new solutions, integrated and respondent to their peculiarities.

IoT-thinking is fundamental to Weave: for this reason we are engaged as speakers in national events as SMAU.



Alessandro Persano
Cofounder & CEO
Fabio Masillo
Cofounder & AI Specialist
Gabriele Perrone
Cofounder & UX Director
Alessandro Leo
Cofounder & Cloud Solution Engineer
Maria Gianfreda
Project Management, R&D
Benedetta Sferrella
Senior UX Developer
Marco Peccarisi
Senior Developer
Andrea Curri
Junior Developer
Veronica Barbieri
Junior Developer
Enzo Grassi
Graphics & M23Project
Vincenzo Bellotoma
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