Invitalia is the National Development Agency, owned by the Ministry of Economy. It gives impetus to the country's economic growth, focuses on strategic sectors for development and employment, is committed to relaunching crisis areas and operates above all in the South. It manages all national incentives that favor the birth of new businesses and innovative startups. It finances large and small projects, targeting entrepreneurs with concrete development plans, especially in innovative sectors with high added value.

Weave comincia la sua avventura grazie al programma Smart&Start che finanzia il primo piano di impresa con il progetto SSI001283.

Durante il periodo della pandemia COVID19 Weave ha deciso di trasformare il proprio business puntando sull'intelligenza artificiale e la gestione del talento grazie al grant ottenuto con il progetto SSI0003482 terminato a dicembre 2023.


With the support of dpixel we create startup incubation and acceleration paths that differ according to their stage of development: pre-acceleration; incubation and acceleration; startup-company matching; advisory and M&A for scaleup.


The Dpixel Startup Incubation System was created precisely to accommodate seed and pre-seed projects of Italian entrepreneurial teams, which need skills, training and networking, in an ecosystem of services and connections designed to accelerate go-to-market and to enable relationship with established companies and other startups.