Talent Management Solution

What do you know about your talents?

Orchestrate your skill, your experiences.

Make your business a symphony.

1. Skills & Experience

Map and evaluate skills based on the standard and custom dictionary. Gather experience based on mapped skills.


2. Me@Company

The staffing service allows people to apply for opportunities based on career path.


3. Workforce planning

Moving from the business pipeline and the goal, Weave provides a series of dashboards to "mix" the right recipe for your business.


4. Hu.Go. – AI Career butler

An intelligent agent orchestrates people and business needs. The company can assign operational parameters to it.


Join single wire in a Weave.


Weave helps Human Resources in their Digital Transformation, adding value.

Problem solved

Only one person can apply for the preferred position / activity following the career and well-being path without any work delay.


Flexible assessment of skills, dynamic strategic planning of the workforce, intelligent personnel, career path based on artificial intelligence. Business UX based.